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Linky v1(.0.3)

Originally, I thought it would take just about a week or two to get version 1 of linky done, but it did take about a month 😅. Anyway, it's now available as linky-db over at pypi (linky as a package name was taken) and provides the linky command.

So, just a reminder about what it does:

linky is tool to tag files using symlinks without the use of a database.

I like to say "the truth is in the directory tree" after the words of an ex-colleague who said "the truth is in the code". It was his way of saying not to only trust documentation... I think.

In any case with this tool:

  • initial data is moved in to a base/data directory
  • tags are grouped into categories giving a folder structure of /category/tag/...
  • imported files are symlinked to the data in the base-directory

If you want to understand the concepts of how linky works read the previous blog post or the README. Additionally, I made a short video on peertube of linky in action. It shows linky initializing an unorganized movie directory and tagging the movies.

If I have the time, I'll make a video of managing a folder that has already been organized a little.

Trivia: Why a foot as an icon?

I'm terrible with naming things (this tool used to be called link-db...) and coming up with symbols. Luckily, I have a partner who studied art and while looking for ideas to represent symlinks she stumbled upon this definition of a "link"

A link is exactly ​66⁄100 of a foot


The world of measurements is crazy....

Whatever, the tool is currently helping me to organize my music, videos and photos and I hope it can do the same for others.